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Traitors in Iraq

ArteArte Report, 13 October 2013.

13 minutes. Feurat Alani and Yasser Joumaily’s Report.

Today, 150 000 Iraqi’s employed by the American Army are facing possible death. Among them, Christian, Muslims, Kurdish. They were handymen, secretaries, interpreters and sometimes spies. What future for these collaborators ?


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Poland: Jewish Renewal

France 2February 4, 2013.

17 minutes. Malgosha Gago and Franck Vrignon’s report.

For centuries, Poland was a country of asylum for Jews from Europe. But the community had been exterminated during the Second World War. Nowadays, Jewish Festivals are increasing: New Poland wants to remember all their roots.…

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Welcome to Pollywood

France 2Un Oeil sur la Planète, 4 June 2012.

18 minutes. Olivia Gesbert and Arnaud Levert’s report.

Forget about London, Paris and Berlin. Cracovia is the new clubbing destination in Eastern Europe. Varsovia has not been left behind, with beach clubs and an electric atmosphere. Music, fashion, design, graphics and theatre: Poland is building a new …

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Good morning Vietnam

canal TESTL’effet papillon, February 19, 2012.

8 minutes. Dung Vo Trung, Gaël Caron and Michaël Sztanke’s report.

Since the Communist Party converted to an economic market, Vietnam is quickly becoming the new Asian dragon. Foreign investments are exploding, PIB is skyrocketing, but who is benefiting from this economical miracle?…

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Poland: An agricultural revolution

France 2Un Oeil sur la Planète, june 4, 2012.

17 minutes. Michaël sztanke and Julien Alric’s report.

Since joining the European Union, Polish agriculture is undergoing a revolution. The common Agricultural Policy’s money enabled the modernization of equipments and exploitations. But if the western part is agriculturally booming, for the east it’s difficult to take off.…

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Dearborn : A Chain of Préjudices

canal TESTL’effet papillon, 20 May 2012.

8 minutes. Feurat Alani and Santiago Avalos’s report.

Nowadays, what’s a Muslim in the United States ? A response is proposed by an American TV show. The chosen city is Dearbor, a prosperus municipality which is 45% Muslim. But the city also draws in Islamophobics….…

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Iraq: A country of widows

Report, 14 April 2012.

13 minutes. Feurat Alani and Yasser Joumaily’s report.

On every single corner, black silhouettes appear: those are the widows of Iraq. These women are existing ghosts from a country haunted by war, and that no one pays attention to…

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Textile workers in Cambodia

L’effet papillon,

8 minutes. Michael Sztanke and Gaël Caron’s report.

The clothing industry represents 80% of the total exports from Cambodia. Of the 300 000 individuals employed, more than 90% are women, young and most frequently from the provinces. Underpaid, asked to pay more and more and tracked when they are trade unionists, workers survive …

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Forced to marry under Red Khmers

France-24Reporters, December 7, 2011.

10 minutes. Michael Sztanke and Gaël Caron’s report.

Cambodians are still discovering the magnitude of Red Khmers crimes. Hundreds and of thousands men and women are forced to marry by past leaders. Nowadays, victims are demanding compensation to the persecutors..…

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Fallujah: a lost generation

Spécial Investigation, October 2011.

52 minutes. A documentary by Feurat Alani and Yvon Le Gall.

Fallujah, about fifty miles West of Bagdad, in Iraq, is a contaminated city. One in five children are born with an important physical deformity. The potential causes: the use of white phosphorus bombs by the American army, terrible weapons which contained …

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