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Textile’s damned

France-24Reporters, May 2011.

10 minutes. Séverine Bardon and Gaël Caron’s report.

Nowadays, important ready-to-wear Western brands are produced in Bangladesh. With 80% of country’s exports, it represents many considerable millions of dollars. But if the country is growing thanks to textile, workers don’t take advantage of this. They are sacrificed forcost-effectiveness; and it’s difficult for …

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Youth challenge the power

France-24Reporters, March 2011.

10 minutes by Nicolas Vescovacci.

In Algeria, a strike or a protest movement takes place each day to denounce social injustices. Since January, regularly, Algerians try to commit suicide with fire. Young people are in the heart of challenge. Each Saturday, they brave their fears like Algers.…

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The war is not over

France-24 Reporters, January 2011.

10 minutes. Dung Vo Trung, Gaël Caron and Michael Sztanke.

In Vietnam, 30 years after war, agent orange is still is claiming more lives. Used massively by the American Army to prevent Viet Cong soldiers to hide, This herbicide soaks into the ground. Encephalitis, congenital malformations, leukemia… Today, thousands of children are …

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Behaviour: zero

L’effet papillon, December 2010.

8 minutes. Feurat Alani and Santiago Avalos.

4,000 deaths every year, 11 per day on average and more than 100,000 injured…To stop the carnage on the on Moroccan roads, Mohamed VI has decided to put a step on the repression! Point systems on driving licenses, breath analyzer and heavy fines in …

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In the center of Shan’s Rebellion

France-24Reporters, July 2010.

10 minutes. Michael Sztanke and Gaël Caron’s report.

For more than 50 years, Shan’s rebellion claimed the independence of a province from North-west of Burma. Each day, his 10, 000 soldiers, heavily armed and well trained, roam through the jungle to flush out the Burmese military. In the heart of the jungle, …

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Red millionaires

Un Oeil sur la Planète, May 2010.

24 minutes. Michael Stzanke and Gaël Caron’s report.

30 years ago, nobody was rich in China. Nowadays, there are hundreds of millionaires. The new princes of the empire made a fortune in Property, automobile, aeronautics or luxury that new rich Chinese people are fond of. An Eldorado for …

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From Guantanamo to Palau

Reportage, December 2009.

12 minutes. Michael Sztanke and Gaël Caron.

There are six Chinese from the Muslim minority “ouïghour” who have rejoined Palau Island in the Pacific, a little state of 20.000 inhabitants. Independent since 1994 after being under American protectorate, Palau Republic is still living today under the influence of the Unites States.…

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Jemaah Islamiyah is still active

Reportage, November 2009.

12 minutes. Michael Sztanke and Gaël Caron’s report.

Bali, October 12, 2002. Three bombs exploded almost simultaneously on the most touristic island in Indonesia, killing more than 200 people. Indonesia is living under the constant threat of terrorist attacks. With continued attacks by Jeemah Islamiyah, an elusive underground network, he claims his …

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Thai-toi Birman

L’effet Papillon, March 2009.

8 minutes. Michael Sztanke and Gaël Caron.

Hundreds of boat people where pushed to death in Asia. More than 1,000 Burmese and Bangladeshi immigrants were intercepted by the Thai Army while they attempted asylum had been thrown into the sea on damaged boats by the Thai Army…Hundreds had disappeared, others were …

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Miracle sisters from Oulan Bator

66 minutes, January 2008.

12 minutes. Michael Sztanke and Sébastien Belaigues’s report.

In winter, in Oulan Bator, it’s so cold that the homeless bury into the ground to snuggle against the heating pipes. However it does not frighten Sister Marie-Françoise and sister Marie-Bénédicte, two dynamically energetic nuns. For 5 years, they have been living in …

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