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Asia, Workers Awkening (Le Monde TV)

Le Monde TV dated february 3rd 2013 talks about “Réveil ouvrier” ( Workers Awakening) ……

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Asia, Workers Awkening (TéléObs)

A full-page in TéléObs from Michaël Sztanke’s documentary……

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Asia, Workers Awakening (Télérama)

Michaël Sztanke’s documentary that will be released on France Ô on the February 6th, is announced on Télérama. Two T!……

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Michaël Sztanke’s documentary, « Asia, workers awakening » will be shown on France Ô, on February  6th, 2013, at 20h30.  For a sneak peak of the movie, the trailer is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMcL1vtB7uY&feature=youtu.be

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Iraq, in the Kia

In production for Al Jazeera and Arte. A Feurat Alani’s documentary. Released on March 2013.
Division will be the greater menace which will be faced by Iraqis for comming years. What do they think about it, the first concerned? Roadmap in a “Kia”, the collective Iraqis taxi.…

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Burma: Kachin’s impass

In production for France 2, «Un Œil sur la Planète». A Séverine Bardon and Vincent Reynaud’s report. Released on February 25th, 2013.

In the mountains located in North Burma, army soldiers for Kachin’s independence wage a war behind closed doors, for more than fifty years against Burma’s government……

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Irak : Sacrificed Falluja’s Children

Feurat Alani’s investigation, released on October 31st 2011, on Canal+, has been awarded with:

Award for the best journalistic investigation and award of Douai’s detention house on Scoop Grand Lille.

Award for Human Rights and Public Freedoms on Al-Jazeera’s festival in Qatar.

Award for CICR on Monte-Carlo’s TV festival.

Award of the …

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