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Kuwait, A risky millionnaire’s hobby

Canal+L’Effet Papillon, february 1st, 2014.

7 minutes. Jérôme Dion’ s report.

In Kuwait,  rich kids, searching for thrills, challenging each others driving. Speed races, cascades, wild rodeos at 300 km/h, they give it their all but accidents are frequent: more than 500 deaths every year and thousands of injuries.…

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Mongolia, Steppes Emirate

France-2Un Oeil sur la Planète, october 28 2013.

20 minutes. Anne Loussouarn and Franck Vrignon’s report.

Battered by winds, and regarded for a long time as a grazing land, Mongolia becomes Steppes Emirat. With important mineral resources such as copper or uranium, coal and rare earths, Mongolia does not have to worry about its future. …

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A difficult one-way travel to Tunis

France-2Un Oeil sur la Planète, June 24, 2013.

18 minutes. Amira Souilem and Julien Alric’s report.

Since two years, many Franco-Tunisians chose to return to Tunisia to help build a new country. They are filled of ideals, but they are not always the same……

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Iraq – 10 years, 100 looks

ArteWebdoc. Irak – 10 years, 100 looks.

Contributions: Feurat Alani, Katia Jarjoura, Ahmed Abdul Rahim Mackie, Ahmed Taleb al Sultan, Ali al Hadithy, Malik Alawi and Omar Yassine.

Baozi Prod has participated in the web-documentary from Arte, “Iraq – 10 years, 100 looks”, put online for the ten years of the Iraq War. We produced …

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China: towards a free syndicalism ?

ArteArte Report, May 4, 2013.

12 minutes. Michaël Sztanke, Gaël Caron and Olivier Marzin’s Report.

In China, a new worker’s generation is emerging: better informed and connected to the world, they criticized the lack of social rights. He Yuancheng, a barefoot lawyer, provided collective bargaining courses to those who will probably become the first free …

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Iraq by the road

ArteArte Report, March 16, 2013.

26 minutes. Feurat Alani and Yasser Joumaily’s report.

In the comming years, a division can be the greatest threat in which Iraqi’s will be faced with. What do they think about, the first to be concerned? Roadmap in a “Kia”, the not-to-be-missed Iraqi collective taxi……

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Burma: the endless Kachin guerrilla

France-2Un Oeil sur la Planète, February 25, 2013.

16 minutes. A report by Séverine Bardon and Vincent Reynaud.

Burma’s democratic process is making headlines but the minorities issue is being largely ignored. One of the oldest guerrilla in the world is led in Northern Burma by the Kachin people, which has been fighting for over …

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Asia, the workers upheaval

logo_france_oInvestigations, February 6, 2013.

52 minutes. A documentary by Michael Sztanke.

For two years, China, Cambodia and Bangladesh have been living violent protest movements. Relocations of subcontractors from poor countries to another are not without consequences. With the awareness of workers and soaring prices, the social stability of the country is no longer guaranteed.

With …

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Traitors in Iraq

ArteArte Report, 13 October 2013.

13 minutes. Feurat Alani and Yasser Joumaily’s Report.

Today, 150 000 Iraqi’s employed by the American Army are facing possible death. Among them, Christian, Muslims, Kurdish. They were handymen, secretaries, interpreters and sometimes spies. What future for these collaborators ?


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Poland: Jewish Renewal

France 2February 4, 2013.

17 minutes. Malgosha Gago and Franck Vrignon’s report.

For centuries, Poland was a country of asylum for Jews from Europe. But the community had been exterminated during the Second World War. Nowadays, Jewish Festivals are increasing: New Poland wants to remember all their roots.…

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