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Freedom vs Security: the state of emergency in France

ArteArte Reportage, March 26, 2016.

52 minutes. A documentary by Serge Moati and Yoann Gillet.

Following the tragic events of Paris on November 13, 2015, a state of emergency has been declared in France. But what does it really mean?

Strengthening border controls, increasing the number of searches, intensifying intelligence gathering, deploying police and security …
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Bolivia, childhood at work

France-5November 17th, 2015.

52 minutes. A documentary by Jean-Baptiste Jacquet.

They shine shoes, sell chewing gums or clean cars in the street. In Bolivia, as many as 850000 children and teenagers are at work. Almost one out of three.

So far, these activities were illegal. But since summer 2014, young Bolivians can work legally as …

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North Korea, the great illusion

France-5May 19, 2015.

52 minutes. A documentary by Michaël Sztanke and Julien Alric.

In 2012, after two years of negociations, Michaël Sztanke and Julien Alric secured a visa to get into North Korea. From this first trip they only brought back official footages. They were never allowed to film what laid behind Pyongyang’s showcase. Two …

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Burma, the endless guerrilla

2013. Logo-Baozi-2012-b

45 minutes. A documentary by Séverine Bardon and Vincent Reynaud.

Burma’s democratic process is making headlines, but the minorities issue is being largely ignored. One of the oldest guerrilla in the world is led in Northern Burma by the Kachin people, which has been fighting for over 60 years against the central government to …

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Roadtrip Iraq

July 2013. AJazeera

52 minutes. A documentary by Feurat Alani.

Crossing the country from north to south to take the pulse of a nation that is no longer at war but neither at peace.


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Asia, the workers upheaval

logo_france_oInvestigations, February 6, 2013.

52 minutes. A documentary by Michael Sztanke.

For two years, China, Cambodia and Bangladesh have been living violent protest movements. Relocations of subcontractors from poor countries to another are not without consequences. With the awareness of workers and soaring prices, the social stability of the country is no longer guaranteed.

With …

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Fallujah: a lost generation

Spécial Investigation, October 2011.

52 minutes. A documentary by Feurat Alani and Yvon Le Gall.

Fallujah, about fifty miles West of Bagdad, in Iraq, is a contaminated city. One in five children are born with an important physical deformity. The potential causes: the use of white phosphorus bombs by the American army, terrible weapons which contained …

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