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Is Iceland’s economic miracle a social model for Europe?

Revisited. August 26, 2018.

14 minutes. A report by Séverine Bardon and Félix Vigné.

Ten years after Iceland plunged into a deep crisis after its banking system collapsed like a house of cards, the country has called virtually everything into question: its financial structures, politics and even the way its society works in general. This …

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Maracaibo, the story of Venezuela’s collapse

Reporters. March 21, 2018.

12 minutes. A report by Matthieu Delmas andChris Huby.

Maracaibo is the second-largest city in Venezuela. Its residents face soaring inflation, widespread poverty and shortages. Under Hugo Chavez, Venezuela based its economy on oil exports. But the fall in oil prices led to a crippling economic crisis. Most people can no …

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Afghanistan: Women’s eloquence

Arte Reportage. June 16, 2018.

24 minutes. A report by Katia Clarens and Bastien Renouil.

In the most dangerous city in Afghanistan Abdul Wadood Pedram, president of the Human Rights and Eradication of Violence Organization (HREVO), has set up a rhetoric competition for women, a radical move in a highly traditional society.…

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Brazil: floating justice

Arte Reportage. April 7, 2018.

24 minutes. A report by Leila Lak, Nadia Sussman, Marie Drouet and Alice Kasznar.

The majestic Amazon River flows from the Andes to the Atlantic, and on its shores live thousands of scattered communities with distinct cultures. Many exist at the edge of the modern Brazilian State, cut off from …

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Philippines: ISIS new frontline

Arte Reportage. March 31, 2018.

24 minutes. A report by Marianne Dardard and Charles Villanove.

In May 2017, Marawi, a city of 200 000 inhabitants located in the Southern part of the Philippines, was taken by ISIS allies. Such an attack was unheard of in this mostly Catholic country. It took five months for the …

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What remains of Peru’s Shining Path guerrillas?

Revisited. March 4, 2018.

15 minutes. A report by Antoine Boddaert.

Peru’s central Ayacucho region was hit hard by the conflict that plagued the country from the 1980s to 2000. It was the scene of massacres by the Shining Path guerrillas and atrocities committed by the army. Thousands of people lost their lives and thousands …

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Transnistria, a republic in limbo at the edge of Europe

Revisited. February 4, 2018.

15 minutes. A report by Ilioné Schultz and Pierre Lascar.

Transnistria is a rebel republic inside Moldova in the far east of Europe, born from the ashes of the Soviet Union. More than 25 years after a peace agreement was signed in 1992, the self-declared state has not been recognised by …

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Remembering France’s “camp of shame” at Rivesaltes

Revisited. November 12, 2017.

15 minutes. A report by Séverine Bardon.

For three decades, Rivesaltes in southern France was home to the largest internment camp in Western Europe. Tens of thousands of people were imprisoned there, from the Spanish civil war through World War II to the Algerian War.

Tens of thousands of Jews, Spanish …

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Beauty Queens to the rescue in Sierra Leone

Revisited. Septembre 30, 2017.

14 minutes. A report by Maïla Mendy and Marie Dubois.


In January 2016, Sierra Leone, a small West African country torn apart by war and ranked among the poorest in the world, created a sensation at the Miss Universe event. For the first time, a Miss Sierra Leone, Hawa Kamara,

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Iraq: Daesh mass graves

Arte Reportage. Septembre 30, 2017.

24 minutes. A report by Ilioné Schultz and Charles Villanove.

In Iraq, governmental forces are still fighting against Daesh. In the liberated areas, they are facing another challenge: identifying the bodies of thousands of victims killed by ISIS and buried in mass graves. …

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